Once again a burn-in question

i have read alot of posts but cant really come up with the RIGHT answer. I have recently purchase Signal cables and was wondering if there is a certain cd or types of music to break ( or not to break ) in with. If this matters i have kids that are home all day and will expect to watch a little TV. with the posts i have read most say 72+ hours of cont. music. Will switching to TV for a couple of hours do harm? and what should the volume be at, just onr more question does a dig. coax need a burn in time also? if so please assist.. thank you all so much for helping a guy trying to get the most out of his gear. ryan
It just needs a signal. Any type of signal. TV, Movies, Rock, classical, Gangsta-rap....
It does not need to be 72 hours of consecutive use either. Everything gets settled in over time, depending on the use, then you shouldnt have a problem.
If you listen to your stuff 2-3 hours a day, then a month or so and it will be at its prime. if you listen to yer stuff 8hours a day, then a couple weeks should be all you need.

as for weather or not cables NEED a burn in time, yer gonna open a can of worms with that one! some people here feel very strongly one way, and some feel strongly the other way.
I have no clue myself.

Either way, logic shows that the signal source and content is unimportant. the volume is irrelevant on interconnects as gain is not affected.

I really wouldnt worry too much about it.

you can have it on non-stop for 6 weeks, or a few hours a day. you can play any source, tv, tuner, anything, trust me, unless you put N'sync over them, you will NOT damage them.

its no biggie! Just use em like you normally would and dont sweat it.
Hall, as long as the signal is being fed through the system and your NOT trying to break in speaker cables, the amps don’t even need to be on. The changes to the cabling occurs with signal passing through the wire, not the music in the room.

In other words, let the kids enjoy the TV until your ready to listen.
thanks, no worries on the N'sync anytime soon.