On-Wall Speakers - anyone have the Elac OW4.2?

Hi all,

I'm looking for speakers that I can mount flush to the rear wall of my kitchen/dining room.  The room is 36' long x 16' wide with a 9' ceiling.   At the dining room end I have floor-standers (Wharfedale Diamond 10.7), which are great.  However, the other night my wife said "why don't you put speakers on this side of the room too?".  There isn't room for floor-standers and standard bookshelf speakers stick out from the wall too much.  Are there any good low-profile wall-mount speakers around?

I came across these Elac OW4.2 On-Wall which have dual ports on the bottom (pretty slick) but they seem to be geared to surround sound purposes.  Anybody have any experience with them to say they be pleasing for 2-channel music?

Any other ideas or thoughts.  The speakers would ideally pair well with the Wharfedales and be used for low-level listening while cooking and cleaning, but I'd like to be able to switch off the Wharfedales and still find these speakers enjoyable.