...On to a more important "Home Theater" thread...

Saw the 4K sony 600ES LCos projector in action the other day, ,live. yeeeaah! ...single best improvement I've seen from the HT front in, like, well 10 years!
yES, 4K up-sampled rez is still a worthwhile improvement over Epson 1080p home theater projection (I can still see pixels half way across the room on my 106" screen from 1080p Bluray), any day! Can't wait to see 4K projection come WAY down in price (120"+ 4K OLED panels???) , and all the projector players come out with theirs in next 2 years! I'll DEFINITELY be in play for one, once they work out even more perfection for my $$$...JVC 4K uber black levels and short-throw PJ's, ..and stuuuufff. :-)
Yup,...4K online streaming and media centers are gunna be all that really matters for my viewing pleasure, in next couple/few years, for HT applications.
Will your trusty meter be able to calibrate such a magnificent piece of work, or will you have to get a better one?
We sit about 11' from a 100" screen with images projected by a Sony VPL 50. I'm not aware of any pixels whether the source from the Oppo BDP-105 is Blu-ray or DirecTV HD-DVR. In fact, I'm always struck by the high quality of the picture and the sound -- HT uses the same audio components we use for music, although for stereo music an Ayre C-5xeMP replaces the Oppo and the subs are not used.

Zd542?..shut it!!
I will concede that the higher end JVC's and upper crust 1080p's available do offer the overall quality of 1080p sources that are very acceptable on a good setup, if you sit the right distance, and keep screen size acceptable, sure. Still, the 4K I saw was a noted improvement! You gotta get you nose to the screen to see the pixies, and I'm thinking "wall to wall" image in my zone should be about same as I get from IMAX theaters!! Why not?!!!