On the TV show "The Good Wife" which I watched ton

If I can find out the name a model number I would look into purchasing them as I saw them once before but i can't recall the name.
So how many "Good Wives" do you need? The cheapest place to get is Philippines or Vietnam. Cool places to go and chill too.
What is your question?
Well, good luck with that. You spend years searching and auditioning to find the perfect one. Then you take it home and un-box it to find out she's just bat-crap crazy. Unfortunately, the restocking fee is half your crap, a piece of your heart, some of your sanity and maybe a testicle.

Seriously, what are you trying to purchase, a good wife or a piece of audio gear you saw on The Good Wife?

Remember the 5 W's, there are your friends.
wow i didn't know that visualizing audio gear via TV set is enough to judge it's performance.
I saw a pair of maple Vandy Treo's in the background...but not sure if this is what he's referring too...!
On the TV show "The Good Wife" which I watched last night ( Sunday 10-4-15 ) Would anybody know the brand name of the loudspeakers in Eli Gould's apartment? They were definitely a high end brand and I have seen them before but can't recall the name. Thank you.
According to Agape126 above they are Vandersteen Treo speakers.