On the Transmigration of Souls

I just bought this CD and found it to be very powerful. The use of words and phrases from posters and interviews following 9/11 gives this choral work an emotional impact that is truly profound. I don't know how often I'll listen to it -- I think I'll need to be in the mood for "important" music -- but I'm glad I've purchased it and have it on the shelf. Wondered what other Audiogoners felt. Thanks in advance.
I like this piece. To me, more than Adams' other works. I place it with Gorecki's 'Symphony of Sorrows'. You raise interesting questions about both mood and frequency. I think it takes a few hearings to train the receptivity and the reception. Then it takes the receptive mood when the soul is open.
Aceto with all due respect, what the hell did you just say? Receptivity, reception and receptive all within the framework of less than ten words! Wow! Far out man!
Oh, Mwheelerk, you just don't read enough Hegel. It is the phenomenology of active encounter with the spirit of music, in which being encounters the alien, defines itself against it, then turns back upon itself to become free from the initial separation, resolving the dialectic in perfect harmony.
sounds like discussions my friends and i had back in the days when we did blotter.
Language has a hard time with transmigration and souls and, for that matter, music. I do not relegate difficult music to the trivial.