On the long wall or short wall- Speaker set-up

I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated room built over a garage with dimensions of 16.5’ W X 27’ L. 
Room will be vaulted with the long wall having the sloped ceiling and the short wall having the gable. 
Loudspeakers will be the PAP Quintets where I understand room treatment may be less extensive than required with box speakers. Is there a means to predict or measure the preferred set up or possibly left to the acoustic professionals. Asking for your personal experiences. Thanks all. 
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To all, perfect advice, thank you. My intention was to allow the architect to design a couple of windows and the electrician to place the dedicated circuits in advance. I have to go before the town board for a variance that I will most assuredly receive but they ask for details. I think I have the advice I needed from an experienced community. Will report in as the project advances.