On the hunt for the "just right" turntable lamp-ideas, and where to find 'em?

I have looked and looked for an appropriate lamp, but I've been unable to find the right one. The lamp will be affixed to my Target wall-mount platform somehow.

Any ideas? Thanks,
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So, LED's are a lot brighter than the Littlite? I have one of the latter above my RCM, and two between my three tables, and have never felt I needed more illumination. But then I like subdued lighting. Guess I'm a Beatnik ;-) .
bdp24 get out those bongos:) I like it subdued also until I have to align a cartridge. But, you do need something and for a wall shelf I think a goose neck something or other fits the bill nicely/. Island, if you want to do your own search look under "Task Lighting."
Go to Amazon and search on "gooseneck lamp". Plenty to choose from with a clip.
Thanks, all you guys for your responses, some of which were entertaining.

Mike, Your recommendation is great, but I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend that much. I do thank you for the invitation to come down, though. I know our systems have evolved tremendously since I first came to visit your beautiful and amazing home and system.

My modest system is doing incredibly well, as I know yours is also. Yours, I would assume, much more so.

Thanks again to all of you, regards,
I bought one from Ikea which clips to the shelf on your rack.  It is the perfect amount of light and has a very flexible stem.  However, I found that the wall wort that comes with the lamp puts  an incredible amount of hum through my system.  Result is I don't use it but hey, it was only $9.99.