On the hunt for the "just right" turntable lamp-ideas, and where to find 'em?

I have looked and looked for an appropriate lamp, but I've been unable to find the right one. The lamp will be affixed to my Target wall-mount platform somehow.

Any ideas? Thanks,
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Littlite, the recording studio and pro sound standard. A small high intensity bulb on the end of an adjustable gooseneck, with a knob for adjusting the amount of illumination. Three different means of attaching the light's base onto any surface, including magnetic, clamp, and screw-in.
bdp24, thanks for your reply. The lamp I've been using for years is a Littlelamp, but it's not enough light, and it's incandescent, rather than LED. I've looked at everything they have, I may have to select one of theirs, but, I'm still looking.


This is what I got for my turntables.  It clamps to my Symposium platform, it's bendable, easy to operate, and not too bright.  I don't know if it's "just right", but...
what if you could have the perfect light that sat on the floor behind your rack? and you could adjust it perfectly. it would never get knocked off or need to be in the way from any angle. i own 4 of these and you can see them in my system pictures. not cheap, but awesome. LED, lasts 30,000 hours and the brightness is easily adjustable, choose warm or cool light.

Dan; you would be most welcome to drive down to North Bend anytime and see them in action.


Here you go island, You can mount this right on your shelf and aim it where ever you like:)
So, LED's are a lot brighter than the Littlite? I have one of the latter above my RCM, and two between my three tables, and have never felt I needed more illumination. But then I like subdued lighting. Guess I'm a Beatnik ;-) .
bdp24 get out those bongos:) I like it subdued also until I have to align a cartridge. But, you do need something and for a wall shelf I think a goose neck something or other fits the bill nicely/. Island, if you want to do your own search look under "Task Lighting."
Go to Amazon and search on "gooseneck lamp". Plenty to choose from with a clip.
Thanks, all you guys for your responses, some of which were entertaining.

Mike, Your recommendation is great, but I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend that much. I do thank you for the invitation to come down, though. I know our systems have evolved tremendously since I first came to visit your beautiful and amazing home and system.

My modest system is doing incredibly well, as I know yours is also. Yours, I would assume, much more so.

Thanks again to all of you, regards,
I bought one from Ikea which clips to the shelf on your rack.  It is the perfect amount of light and has a very flexible stem.  However, I found that the wall wort that comes with the lamp puts  an incredible amount of hum through my system.  Result is I don't use it but hey, it was only $9.99.
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I wound up with an outdoor type barbeque lamp. Very nicely made, its only drawback is it is powered by three AAA batteries, and starts to go dim after about two or three hours. It's exactly what I needed, with the exception mentioned above.

Dan, You can wire a wall wart to it if you are so inclined.

Actually, that thought did cross my mind. I'll have to see if I can find the appropriate wall wart, and get it wired up.

@islandmandan - You may have purchased the same lamp as mine, but- I must have better batteries.    Still; mijostyn got me thinking and I dug out an old phone charger.    It’s 5V output should do fine.
Did the deed and it works MAHvelously.    Much brighter than the 3 AAAs ever were, given the slightly higher voltage.    To be more clear; I used an old 5V, flip-phone charger.    Now- if the LEDs hold up.....
I can recommend ikea lamps.
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I use this:


Clips to shelf, USB rechargeable battery (so no hum on your system), flexible neck so you can put light where you want it, and dimmable.