On the fense: PrimaLuna ProLogue II or Jolida 302

please help me decide which to get. I will run it with a pair of Tyler Acoustics Taylo Ref. monitors and a Jolida CD player. I mostly listen to blues, jazz and some rock.

Have you listened to either or both amps? Also, what type of amp are you transitioning from? I purchased a Prima Luna Prologue 2 sight unseen, but it was my first tube amp in 30 years and it was also being used in a secondary system ... so, I did not view it as a risky move. Fortunately, the Prima Luna turned my head around completely and I have since replaced the Musical Fidelity A300 power amp in my main system with a Prima Luna Prologue 5. I posted a review of the Prologue 2 here .

In addition to the nuance, musicality, and emotion that the Prima Luna adds to the experience, there is also no maintence involved as there is an auto-biasing circuit. I have paired the amp with 3 different speakers (Acoustic Research 302's; NHT SB2's; and Omega Super 3's) and each time the speakers were brought up a clear notch.

I don't know anything about the Jolida, other than what I have read here. I am a big Prima Luna fan and have no intentions of going elsewhere.

Regards, Rich
I had Cary/AES Six pacs with a AES DJH preamp, that I LOVED! But . . . needed some cash to buy a new guitar, so I want to buy a integrated amp. These two fit my budget. I have not heard either amp.
I recommend the Primaluna Prologue Two. You'll be quite suprised at the sound and build quality of this amp. I had a Manley Stingray for about 8 mos. which I loved and regreted selling. But after hearing the PL2..I was thrilled with its sound.The stock tubes are quite good. Later, you can roll some KT-88's and change out the 12AX7/12AU7's with some fine sounding NOS types, which I found changed the sound for even better. I highly recommend one!...Best of luck!//Ken
You can't go wrong with the PrimaLuna Prologue Two. Another recommendation here!
The Jolida 302B can be had brand new for $750, including shipping! The PrimaLuna is $1345, $30.00 for shipping. That is a $625 difference. I decided to try the Jolida.
Post back on how it sounds. Those 2 amps are on my short list.


Gretsch, it's not quite correct the price ot the Jolida 302b to the Prologue II. The Prologue One which uses EL34 tubes is a much better comparison. I can't say much about the sound but, The Prologue has a slightly better finish and built quality. The Jolida is nicely upgradeable by many companies (Response, Partsconnexion, Verastarr etc. ).

I loved my Jolida - worked well for me with many different monitor speakers. For big, standspeakers I might consider going with a KT88 tube amp though for the tighter bass.

What speakers are you using?

Good luck,

I would agree about the finish quility of the Jolida, while I have not received my 302b yet, I have a Jolida CD player, great sound, OK fit and finish. Currently I have a pair of Tyler Acoustic Ref. Monitors. I will post back once I have listened to the Jolida 302.