On the fence with the Consonance CD-120

Has anyone owned or heard the Consonance? I can't afford to go tubed so the CD-120 is what I'm looking at. From what I can glean it does a great job re: Redbook and I'm conent with that. I can get it for $799 plus shipping so at that price I feel it can't be beat. Its built like a tank, has a toroid big enough to power a mid sized amp and has caps as big as the ones in my old Rotel RB-991. It upsamples to 192, has no HDCD (no big deal), and has garnederd praise from what little press I've read. I guess in my long-winded way I'm trying to get some feedback on this.
Thanks in advance,
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I've got one in my second system and couldn't be happier (for now anyway). It's extended and detailed and dynamic and clean and has good bass control.

If your system's toward the clinical side I'd look elsewhere, but if reasonably well balanced or on the warm side, this unit is a real bargain.

It's in the same league as the Modwrighted and Monolithic-ed PT P3A it replaced, and makes a great transpotrt also.
Thanks for the feedback. My tube integrated should tame it quite nicely.