on Schweikert monitor

which von Schweikert monitor

is the best they have at any price

1. it must definetely beats Paradigm studio 20

thanks i have AE 300' s and like them
They only make one monitor and I don't think it beats the studio 20.

Instead of looking so hard for a product to beat studio 20s why don't you just buy them?
I replaced the VR-1s with AE-300s a few years ago and thought the Acoustic Energy were superior to Von Schweikert. My opinion but I did own them both at same time. Haven't owned the Studio 20s.
FYI, Reference Audio Mods does an interesting mod to this monitor.
The LCR-15's are another alternative to the VR1's. I heard them demoed and they are excellent. A little bigger than the VR-1s but still stand mount and compact. They're marketed as a center/surround, but do great job as mains.

can't say how they compare to yours though.