? on Pioneer CD players from the past, anyone still using one of these

PIONEER ELITE DV-79AVI and the PD-65 were good players for me when I had them.  Anyone still using them?  If so, how have they aged sonically?  I am sorry that I am asking about some old items, but in putting together a 2nd system I am re-thinking some items I have had in the past.  Like the Magnum Dynalab 208 receiver.  Thanks for your tolerance....and laughter. 

I bought a Pioneer PD-65 CD player (with Stable Platter mechanism) from a liquidator for around $275 about ten years ago. I thought it was a great transport, and sold it for around $350. You can find Pioneer Elite BDP-09 FD Blu-ray Disc Players (MSRP:$2200) these days for a few hundred dollars. They are beautiful, well-built and they will make your CDs sound wonderful. It's slow to load, but worth waiting for.
Up until maybe 3 years ago, I had a PD 65 with extensive Musical Concepts mods (including an outboard PS), which I was using as a transport, but the laser finally died and no longer made. 

I replaced it with a Marantz HD CD-1 but also use a Oppo 105 exclusively for SACD/DVD-A, but a couple years ago on Ebay, I came across upgraded Linear Power Supplies/Modules for it. First I replaced the OEM IEC with a Furutech rhodium with a pure silver tail that connects to the power supply board and a jumper to replace the 110/220 switch. After breaking that in I compared red book to the HD CD-1: no longer using the HD CD 1, which saved me from using a preamp and the associated power cord and interconnect, shelf, vibration control...
I have one if the older players BDP 51  in a closet. Still worked about 2 years ago. Slower than molasses. 
Many people replaced the Pioneer Blue ray players because they were slow loading.

However, to use them as CD Players or better yet, CD Transports, they are very hard to beat.  

Pioneer DVD 79Avi, BDP-09FD, BDP-95 very nice and the BD 09 and BD95 make outstanding transports, even against today's transports.  These units are extremely well built.  I have two BDP-09FDs (beautiful units) and a BDP-95, and a couple of DVD 79Avi's for DVD viewing.  These units are great.

I use a DV-59AVi for DVD viewing.
PD-65, ...I miss mine, it was a cool player