On/Off switch for RM_9 Mk1 does anyone know the voltage that isneeded for switch?

Does anyone know what type of switch to get for Music Reference RM9 mk1 on/off switch?
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you can go with a toggle or push button. your choice.
send me a pm with your email and I can email you the schematic.

My RM9 (hot rodded) is a keeper :^)  
Though the Santa Barbara phone number still works (I spoke with Roger just three days ago), Music Reference has moved it's operations to the bay Area---Oakland or Berkeley, I believe. You can talk to Roger's right hand man Tony at (702)540-2723. Mornings are best.
If you're Troy and left us a message the other day we'll be getting back to you tomorrow. We have switches but need some additional information.

bdp24 - that's my old number. I now have a Bay Area number.
Oops, sorry Tony. Roger gave me the number! My call was in regard to buying some KT88's---Eric.
What mods did you do ct0517?

Hi Troy
the mods were done in stages and can be seen on my Audio Virtual System Page. The blog discusses them.
Safe to say it has all been updated .......except for Rogers hand wound Transformers.

These are worth their weight in Gold - 8^0

Now people (friends) do not understand what I mean when I say this (weight in Gold), until they visit and see the RM9 sitting on the floor next to the Krell 600. The RM9 is dwarfed by the Krell. Yet they both do an admirable job of driving the 800 towers.

also IMO

In this Audio Hobby Game....one holds the games trump cards when your amplifiers and preamps are designed with "ON THE FLY" adjustable Gain.


Schematic emailed to you.
Cheers Chris  

No problem Eric. Also Roger and Ryan are usually at the shop from 1pm to 7pm PT M - F. I'm there usually after 2pm PT but not every weekday. Saturday and Sunday and spend a bit more time there.
The switch should be rated 250VAC and at least 10 amps. I would expect these specs to be printed on the old part.

The switch should be bypassed with a .01uf 1000V capacitor to prevent arcing. Its not a bad idea to install a current inrush limiter if one is not already present.
Oops, sorry again Tony! I found the correct number which Roger gave me, the 415 Area Code one. I'll be in touch about the tubes---Eric.
Just last week I called Ram labs with a question about my RM9.  Got voicemail so (at their suggestion) I emailed them.  Roger answered in less than 24 hrs, with a suggestion that actually solved my problem!  Can't ask for much better customer support for a 20+ yr old product!  And manoman, did he ever build a keeper when he conceived of the RM9!!!
Roger silk screens the tube biasing info on his amps top plates, so that in fifty or a hundred years they can still be optimized. Built to last, and sound real good long after more fashionable amps have been long dead, their many owners having finally gotten sick of repairing them when a bad tube blew them up or set them on fire.