on my way... please advise

At 48, I finally have the chance to get back into hifi. At 14, i was installing Ortofon, Shure, and AT cartridges onto Phillips 312's and Thorens 165s at Tech Hifi!

Always loved, and still love loudspeakers - - for their sound and design. I've managed to hold onto some good ones over the years... KEF 104.2, JBL L100 Century, ADS L500, Infinity Qe, and recently a pair of Infinity Kappa 400s.

Now, a listening room at last, and a budget for a power amp and preamp! Currently running a Kyocera R861 which looks good but I prefer the sound of my Marantz 2216b. Recommendations? Living in a mid century house I can't help but love a Mcintosh 275 or a Luxman 505 but I feel really out of touch. Help!

Thanks, in advance,

judging by your taste in speakers and gear, you're more in touch than you think.
A Mcintosh c2300 with a MC275 and a pair of Devore nines.
thank you for the responses.