omnivore newbie's dilemma

Looking for a few suggestions for sound.

I listen to intense music..a lot of contemporary classical stuff, computer and electronic music, jazz. I got bitten by the audio bug on a trip to Turkey, after listening to a number of great systems, all out of my price range by about 5 or 6 figures. My friend had me listen to an "inexpensive" setup though which I liked the sound of: proac tablets, primaluna amp and I think rega jupiter CD player. Something like that.

So far, I've only managed to score the proac tablets. I'm taking most of the music from imac to a beefy but inexpensive JVC amp and directly into the tablets. It sounds really beautiful but I'm thinking of grabbing the tube amp for a little more detail, etc. Am I on the right track?

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Most modern tube amps sound a lot like "good" solid state amps....except for the midrange freq's, where tubes sound better IMO.

I'd say you are on the right track.