omnivore newbie's dilemma

Looking for a few suggestions for sound.

I listen to intense music..a lot of contemporary classical stuff, computer and electronic music, jazz. I got bitten by the audio bug on a trip to Turkey, after listening to a number of great systems, all out of my price range by about 5 or 6 figures. My friend had me listen to an "inexpensive" setup though which I liked the sound of: proac tablets, primaluna amp and I think rega jupiter CD player. Something like that.

So far, I've only managed to score the proac tablets. I'm taking most of the music from imac to a beefy but inexpensive JVC amp and directly into the tablets. It sounds really beautiful but I'm thinking of grabbing the tube amp for a little more detail, etc. Am I on the right track?
It sounds really beautiful but I'm thinking of grabbing the tube amp for a little more detail, etc. Am I on the right track?
My personal opinion is you get more detail - bass and dynamics from a solid state amp. For me tubes are a more liquid of a sound. I love them both but prefer solid sate more for the efficiency in power consumption and heat.
Someday fairly soon I hope to demo a tube integrated in my home. You really need to demo both with your gear to compare to what you have to know for sure which you prefer.
Have to agree with Xti16. The primary effect of tubes comes into play when the amp is driven hard enough to distort. Actually, below that level a well designed tube amplifier should sound no different than a solid state amp (listen to a mcintosh solid state vs tube amp at moderate levels and you will likely not be able to tell the difference). Some may disagree with this but few will disagree with the statement that tubes generally take the edge off, whether that is viewed as 'less harsh more musical' or 'muddy' is a matter of spin. Needless to say, if you want detail go solid state. From your preference in music, other than the jazz, my guess is tubes will not be a happy match.
Most modern tube amps sound a lot like "good" solid state amps....except for the midrange freq's, where tubes sound better IMO.

I'd say you are on the right track.

hmm..very helpful comments..thank you! Maybe I'm better off leaving well enough alone in the amp dept for the time being. Or perhaps an investment in a good sub to complement the tablets would make sense? All quite confusing. I like the bass response pretty well on my little proacs but got somewhat spoiled listening to my friend's floorstanding response 2.5s. I feel a little like somebody with a pretty well developed palette for wine who couldn't tell you the name of a grape or region! My ears are keen, but I'm really lacking audio knowledge, so I much appreciate the help!
in my experience a well built neutral amplifier paired with high perfromance wires and interconnects and room treatments and well designed speakers[ there are hundreds out there] can achieve great listening satisfaction. but i can enjoy music on car radio, walking around with ipod and shure headphones or sophistcated audio gear. i just love music and this hobby. it's the journey not the destination to me. thanks john
Huge question: are you buying new, or used? You can buy & sell used components, usually w/o losing much, so you can get to experience a lot more diff. equipment for the $$.

If you like the proac tablets, maybe try a post like: "what amp & pre-amp are best w/proac tablets"?

Also, you may go thru many, many, many components until you finally get the sound you want.....don't let it throw you.