Omnis with deep bass $2K

A dinner guest recently asked for a quick listen to my system, currently using Ohm 100 + subs. He was very impressed and commented that he'd like a pair of his own. Cost issues arose, so I disabled the subs. He was still sold. As he was getting ready to head home, he asked if there were similar speakers (i.e. omnis with deep bass) at less than $2k that he should check out. This price point eliminated MBL, German Physics, Wolcott, Duevel (except Planets) and the Dale Harter (sic) Exotics. I mentioned Ohm, Mirage, Morrison, Artistic Audio, and Decware. Did I miss any?


Shahinian is one that you should look at. Has a very good rep but a very low profile. I think the Compass is in the price range, may be a little higher but I am sure some of his fits the budget.
I'd point out that OHMS are pseudo omnis (360 degrees but not equal tonality/SPLs in all directions) and that the wide-range Walsh driver technology is a big part of what makes them special.

Otherwise, the only other omni/wide dispersion design I can think of is perhaps used Gallo Refs. There's a pair on A'gon now for under $1500 which is a very good price.
ohm 100's, for the dough, are bullet proof.
"ohm 100's, for the dough, are bullet proof. "

Must be the metal cage!
How about if he could get some brand new $7500 omnis known for deep bass into the 20's, on closeout for less than $2,600/pr with free shipping and no sales tax? The current lineup of Mirage speakers appears to be getting blown out, and the $7500/pr. flagship, the OMD-28, is available at Vann's in spalted maple for $1,298 each. The current Mirage line is disappearing fast; I hope Klipsch isn't dropping the line altogether.

The OMD-28s put out prodigious and deep bass, have premium drivers throughout, and throw an omnidirectional soundfield made to reproduce the average radiating pattern of voices and instruments. Chris Marten of TAS bought a pair after reviewing them.

I bought their next model down, the OMD-15, last summer. I love my OMD-15's, but if this OMD-28 deal had been around then, I would have snapped up a pair in a heartbeat.
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06-26-09: Tripper
I was wondering what Winslow Burhoe was doing these days. I know he's done a lot of things in speakers for many decades, but my first awareness of him came with his founding of EPI Loudspeakers, and designing their original product lineup.

IIRC, the flagship back then (early '70s) was an omnidirectional tower with an 8" woofer and 1" air spring tweeter positioned on each of the four sides of the column--the EPI 1000.
I can't resist for $511. I'm going to take a listen to the Direct Acoustics speakers.
I remember EPIs. They were pretty good for the day and a good value.