Omni Directional....Interesting....

What do you want to ask?
I just auditioned some German Physics speakers which would probably be considered Point Source omni's. They were very nice.
I have always been interested in omni speakers, but have found their imaging to be a bit fuzzy. Technology has changed drastically in the past 15 years, so I may just have another look.
In any case, let the opinions flow...
@gdnrbobThanks for that.

I was curious to the sound of them.

That helps..
Well, in short, they sound very good, if you like dispersed sound- that is, a room filled with sound without a pinpoint source. Though if you want a highly imaged/focused sound, then they are mostly lacking in that area.
There will be those who disagree with my assessment.
If you can audition some, it would be to your advantage as everyone has different ears and tastes.