OMG I'm gonna kill VideoLogic...

Opened up the stock XLR 4-pin connectors of the Satellite Speaker cables of VideoLogic Sirocco Pro in an effort to find out how they are wired (wanted to upgrade the speaker cables), and lordy, oh lordy, VideoLogic actually used mains power cables (3-conductors) for their 4-pin XLR Speaker Cables in their top-of-the-line Sirocco Pros!
Pin #3 & #4 are jumpered on the speaker connector's end, and thus, share a common ground (-ve). WTF?

I knew they had to cut corners somewhere to deliver something this good for US$900, but mains wire as speaker wire? WTF?
Argh! Now I must definitely upgrade the cables...

Knowledge is pain; revel in ignorance forever...
Thanks for sharing this info with us. I've had similar experiences with various cables, especially power cords. Nothing like taking a mass produced product that costs $1 a foot ( or less ) wholesale and selling it for an unmercifully high mark-up. Talk about "snake oil". Now you know why i support and encourage DIY wire / cable projects. How much could you have built a similar or even FAR superior cable for as compared to what you paid for those ? Sean
Look at some of the epoxy sealed modules on the expensive stuff and see what's inside. Will folks (including me) never learn?
Yes Yes Yes Yes.......I've opened up several "High End" cables to see what was up inside and have discovered everything from common .18 cent per foot thnn wire in $600 power cords and solder joints so poorly implemented in very expensive speaker cables and IC's it's unbelievable.I would ad that I wanted to experiment and improve these cables on purpose so don't go cutting up your expensive wires for grins.Give credit where credit is due though.Companies like Cardas,Kimber,Siltech and several others do outstanding work with superb terminations.