Omegastar dac ...Van Alstine

Just about ready to take the leap to buy without hearing one. Anyone have any opinions on this dac. Mucho gracias
There is a review at No,I have not heard it.
Thanks Prag,
I read the posts (at Asylum) and one more shining review. Mostly all about the Omega IV dac. I have'nt been able to find one negative comment on this dac. With the adjectives people use to describe this dac you'd think it was 5 grand. It's a wonder so few if any people have done direct comparisons between the newer AVA dacs and the kilo-buck dacs. The cool thing is the that latest AVA dac, the Omegastar is supposed to bury the IV. The AVA website descibes the new Omegastar as..."perhaps the best solid-state dac ever". And AVA certainly is'nt known for hype. I'll find out soon enough as I should be recieving mine in a couple of days. I've also heard that their outstanding "EX" fet-valve amps, current upgraded version "EXR" are displacing some well known 10K amps. I better stop before some think this is a paid advertisment. Thanks again Prag for turning me on to the asylum reviews.