Omega Super 3 loudspeaker & Decware amplification

Any members here have any experience with the Omega Super 3 Loudspeaker powered by Decware amplifers? The Fostex driver used in the loudspeaker is said to sound best with "darker" sounding amplification. The Decware Se84 series of amplifiers have never been described as "dark" sounding. I have heard the Omega Super 3 loudspeaker. I have listened to the Decware SE84C-S many times. I have not had the opportunity to listen to them together. Would the sonic attributes of the Decware amp(s) create a "bright," and light weight presentation with the Omega Super 3 speaker? Input from those who have had the opportunity to hear this combination is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

Don't know about the "darker" sounding thing. I own the Omega Super 3 and use them with a Prima Luna Prologue Two tube integrated amp. I had used the Omega with a NAD C320BEE integrated amp; a Musical Fidelity A300 power amp; and a vintage Marantz 2240 receiver ... all solid state, all on the warm side, and all just adequate sounding with the Omegas. The Omega came to life with tubes. I have not heard Decware amps ... but my guess is that they will do very well with the Omegas. BTW, I am using a SONY SCD 555ES SACD cd player with the Prima Luna/Omega set-up.

Regards, Rich

The Decware Zen amp is a unique creature. It can sound stunning with the right speakers, but it can also completely fail to power some speakers that would typically be considered "good with SET". I know, I've tried one with my Reference 3A MM DeCapos (SET friendly) and the little amp actually "puked" at only moderate volume.

I have a couple of friends that are huge Decware fans and their systems sound fantastic. However, both of them use speakers that were designed to be used with the Decware Zen amp which actually prefers a 2 ohm load.

Recently Decware has come out with a version of the Zen that is designed to drive 8 ohm speakers. Also, some of the other Decware amps may be better suited for 8 ohm speakers.

I would highly suggest that you post on the Decware forum for information. There are some good folks there and they will give you good advice about matching the Decware amp with Omega speakers.



Looked at the Decware website. Have you auditioned the Decware speakers? They offer a model in the Omega Super 3's price range.

Regards, Rich