Omega Speakers ,High efficiency but how's the sound

I came accross these speakers while visiting a SET amp site. I'm a few months away from getting into the SET's and I need to find a pair of high efficiency bookshelf speakers.

I was absolutely SOLD on the Coincident Triumph Signatures (94db) until are saw these Omegas (96db). The Omegas come in this pearl blue finish that looks absolutely incredible! My only concern is the single driver. I don't know how good or bad single driver speakers sound. I can't seem to find any reviews on these speakers besides a couple on their website. Does anyone here have any experience with Omega speakers?

I'd appreciate any feedback I can get.

Thanks in advance.

I haven't heard the Omega speakers, but single-drivers do very well with SET amps. I use Lowthers, and am very happy with the sound. I have heard of a couple Audiogon members that have tried the Omega speakers and liked them.

Single drivers are like any other speaker. They can be very good or not so good. It depends on how the manufacturer does the execution of the product.
I've heard them, and they sound decent. The Cain & Cain Abby, which uses the same drivers sounds significantly better (but they are 1,500 retail).

Also, I've heard other DIY speakers that sound better using Fostex drivers. You could make a pair yourself for less than half the price.

Check out for the Fostex drivers and cabinet plans. Or if do not want to build your own cabinets, check out for finished cabinets and dampening materials. Also, check out for other ideas.
they are great,and they work nicely with push/pull tube designs which ultimately will allow you to hear some real bass.