Omega speakers

I recently switched from a pair of B&W monitors to single driver speakers (Omega Super 3R). I love the sound of it, especially the midrange. But the best thing was when my girlfriend said to me, "That sounds a lot better than your other speakers". I asked her how and she said that it sounded more life-like. This is coming from someone who thinks her mini ipod is the end-all-be-all.

Anybody using a subwoofer with these little speakers? If so, which one?


I have Omega TS2's that I occassionally use in my second system that are paired with a Dayton Titanic 10" sub. Seems to be a good match. The Titanic is a sealed box unit. It is very quick and clean without the overhang you get from a ported sub. Variable phase control also helps in tuning it to the Omegas. I run the low pass cross over at about 60hZ for a very satisfying sound down to about 35hZ.
Doc sounds like your girlfriend has some good ears! Maybe Restock will chime in. He uses the Omega 3Rs with a Acoustic Vision MRS-10 . Very nice little sub with plenty of balls. Also the Adire Ravas work very well.Here's a tip.. when you get your sub or subs turn them 180 degress out of phase.This is how single drivers produce their bass. You will notice the difference automatically.You will hear no transition between the Omegas and the sub with a little experimentation .I've read great things about the Dayton Titanic also. Just make sure that the sub is sealed as Entrope mentions.
What speakers exactly did you have before acquiring the omegas?
I had a pair of 602S3 which I really liked, but wanted to try something new. I'm still looking for a good SET integrated amp to match with the Omegas.
Hi Doc,

As Gmood1 already mentioned, I am using the Acoustic Visions MRS-10 subwoofer with the Omegas with great results (see my virtual system pages). Incidentally, it was Gmood1 who recommended that I should look into the MRS-1 or Adire Rave! The sub is very nice looking, has a fast tight sound and goes down to about 25 Hz measured in my room. For around $475 including shipping you can't beat it.

Also, I have heard many good things about the Adire Rava (older model which used to be $400), which uses the same plate amp as the MRS-10 but a larger 12-inch Adire driver. The newer Rava is supposed to be much better with a completely different amp and improved driver for twice the price ($800). I have not heard either one but you should be able to find quite some more info here. Also, someone else here uses the ACI Force sub with the Omega Super 3 which should be worth considering as well.

By the way: How many hours do you have on the Omegas?

Good luck with the sub and enjoy the Omegas.

Hello Rene,

After spending a few days with the Bob Brines FTA 2000s. I'm thoroughly impressed in what these speakers can do.No speakers perfect. But this type of design will surprise you in what it's capable of with one 8 inch driver. If you decide to move up from the Omega 3's . I urge you to take a look at the LT-2000 Lowther DX2 based speakers or the FTA 2000s Fostex F200A based speakers. For a $100 more than a pair of Cain & Cain Abbys retail you get solid transmission line bass flat to a REAL 30 Hz! Honestly these speakers are in a different league.

After doing some mental comparisons with the Cain & Cain modified single Bens retail $5900. There's no doubt about it..The FTAs are a steal at their going price! They easily compete with the Big Cain models and exceed them in many areas.Even the Cain & Cain twin Horn design based on 6moons review was only flat to 63Hz in his review room.

The Bob Brine's speakers have dynamics that I didn't know existed for single driver enthusiast. No subwoofer will be needed if you decide to move into one of these models.Yeah this is the closes to a true full range single driver speaker you will get, unless you go to very large horns and I mean LARGE.
Also there's another person that builds a similar speaker ..John Kalinowski. Here's his site Extreme Audio .
Hi Gmood1, as always, thanks for all the suggestions. I actually have never had a chance to listen to a Lowther based speaker and the LT-2000 looks like a good entry into that. I wonder whether the Abby's can easily modified for a Lowther driver!? I actually have the Abby's already on order, they should be arriving any time soon. I just love the looks and the sound of the Abby's. I'll keep you updated on how things turn out.

Doc, already any ideas which direction (sub) you are going to choose?

All the best,


The Abby is a 1/4-wave Voight pipe here's a schematic on the TWL Mod Lowther Voight Pipe. Not sure the exact dimensions of the Abbys. But they do look similar.His model does use a larger driver than what's found in the Abbys.
TWL is a member of may want to ask him. He seems to have alot of time involved in projects like these.
Have fun!
The above advice re: the Brine's MLTL's is worth noting. They are very good speakers. Not financially ruinous either!