Omega Speaker Questions

Hi All!

I have a few questions on the Omega speakers. I primarily listen to classical (80%) as well as blues & blues/rock (20%) at relatively low volumes. I currently have Totem Arro's with a Jolida 1701a amp.

My favorite classical piece is Bach Cello Suites as well as Chopin's piano works and Brahm's chamber music. For Blues I enjoy John Mayall, Buddy Guy, & SRV.

How do the Omega's work with classical music? How do they compare to Totem Arro's. What about other speakers such as the Horne Shoppe, Dr. Geddes, Audiokinesis?

Thanks & Merry Christmas!!

I found Omega "thin" and tonally strange. I tried several models in the line. I suggest you google Hawthorne Audio Solo.
I used the Omega Super 3 bookshelf speakers for 2 years or so with a Prima Luna PL2 integrated amp and a SONY SCD 555 ES SACD player.

The Omegas were spectacular with vocal music and solo acoustic instruments. Female vocals had an in the room presence and believability that I have not heard with a lot of other speakers. I found jazz music such as "Louis Armstrong plays WC Handy" extremely enjoyable.

The rest was a bit of a mixed bag. Omegas can have a bit of a honky or hooty sound to them. I listen to CDs only and there were times when things sounded downright HARSH when compared to other bookshelf speakers like the NHT SB2 or Rega ARA. I also found that Omegas were at their best when paired with tube amplifiers.

If you are that interested in them, you should really try to audition the Omegas. To be fair, Louis Chochos (Omega's owner) has changed his product offering almost completely and is making use of Alnico speakers exclusively in larger enclosures, which is more beneficial to many single driver, crossover-less designs. The speakers look fantastic and you can get them finished in just about any stain or veneer that you want.

In the last year, I replaced the speakers in both of my tube based systems. The Prima Luna PL2 based system that I mentioned above now employs Spendor SA1. I went with Opera Platea floorstanders with my Prima Luna PL5 based system. I had considered going with Omegas again, but I had too many doubts.

What about your Totems is not working for you?


I have heard Omega Grande 6's and 8's and I liked them, but you should also check out Hornshoppe Horns and Ohm Micro Talls.
Has anyone done any comparisons or heard differences between the Omega Grand 6 speakers vs the Ohm Walsh Micro Talls?