Omega Mikro powercord users help:

About a month ago I purchased an Omega Mikro pc and for those who own this, know that you get two and keep the one that works in your system. Well, it's been a month now and I can't tell which one sounds better. I notice on the red cord the sound is fuller, and the blue it's a little more focused.
On some day I'm sure it's the blue, on others it's the red. I'm currently using it on the BAT vk-d5 cdp or Bat vk-5i preamp. Anyone with pointers on what to look for exactly would be much appreciated.
i've heard that 75% of equipment sounds better on the lcx red, that's the one i kept. It was easy to tell with most things i tried it on ,except my audio logic dac. Eventually the red worked best on my levinson transport,and,in my cd system,i always crave that fuller sound. It is a great cord,enjoy
Sometimes it will be the case in a given system that there is no clear cut better choice between the red and the blue. Don't try to listen for a difference that may not be there. If there were a meaningful difference for your system, it would be clearly audible. If you think the blue is consistently a little more focused, that might be the better choice. An improved focus and clarity of the sound is typically the type of difference one would expect to hear.
I was surprised that I could tell a difference, but it certainly wasn't night and day, and BOTH the red and blue PCs sounded so good that I would have been happy with either.
Well in my case, with an OM plugged into my cdp, the difference was obvious. The red was definitely superior. On my preamp the difference was not as great, but still audible. Again the red won the day. I agree with Rushton that if the blue focuses better, that's probably what you should go with. Take your time and relax about it and your choice will probably become clearer to you.
The difference between the Red and the Blue cords is that the Red is designed for components that have transformers wound clockwise and the Blue is designed for components that have transformers wound counterclockwise.

The trouble comes into play when a component has say 2 transformers and one is wound clockwise and the other is wound counterclockwise. In this instance the cords will sound pretty similiar.

The only way to tell which cord you should use is by listening. Personally, I would give a Silent Source AC cords a shot. They are very close to the perfomace of the OM cords on many components but with a lot less hassel, and they are a lot less fragile.

The Silent Source power cables certainly are a reasonable alternative, as Tok2000 suggests. You don't give up too much by comparison to the Omega Mikros. My amplifiers require 4 power cords, so Silent Source was the route I took there as a cost saving alternative. But my source equipment, turntable and preamp, both have Omega Mikro cables because they do indeed sound better. As suggested, you must be prepared to treat the OM's with greater care.
Personally, I think too much is made of the hassle OM cables produce. Yes, they do indeed require extra care in dressing and maintaining, but once in place, all you need do is listen. My system is wired with OM Ebony ICs and Planar 4 LCX speaker cables. I also have three OM active powercords in use. What I'm struck by most is their magnificent sound, not their fragility. Of course if you're someone constantly doodling with your system, or are naturally clumsy or careless, OM may not be the best choice.
I agree with Jm88. If you don't hear a big difference, which occasionally happens in my experience, don't worry about it. Probably you should keep the red. I actually keep an old Siltech around. If it sounds better than the OM red which I try first, then I put in my one blue and get another.