Omega Micro-What is this?

I picked up a box of assorted cables attached to small battery powered boxes, made by Micro Omega. I've been unable to locate any such company and assume they have long since bitten the dust. If anyone is familiar with this product and could assist in either locating the company, the designer or copy an instruction manual I would be most grateful. Lance Lubach
These are high end cables made by a company called mapleshade. go to to get an idea who Mapleshade is. Only problem you won't find anything about the Omega Micro's there. They are excellent cables that are one of the best around anywhere
Hi, Lloyd Walker is the distributor of MapleShade cables and musically speaking, you may be hard pressed to find better sound for the dollar. Lloyd's number is 610 666 6087. A very informative gentleman is Lloyd, who also is the force behind Walker Audio, The Proscenium Gold Turntable and those incredible Valid Points. Have Fun! Grant
This note is to convey my thanks mroadster and Samuel for their assistance in identifying the people associated with the Micro Omega cables. Thanks Lance Lubach