Omega, Harbeth, JM Reynaud, ad Skylan

On a previous post I asked for thoughts regarding Harbeth and JM Reynaud speakers.  My subsequent speaker upgrade journey led me to discover Omega speakers, and specifically the Super Alnico Monitor.  I took the plunge, taking advantage of Omega's 30-day home trial.  So here is my update.

These speakers are now a permanent addition to my system and my musical enjoyment.  I am so thoroughly satisfied. While break-in took a good 100 hrs, the sound of these Omega Super Alnico Monitors is beyond reproach. Every day my wife and I are amazed at what we hear when we put on an old cd that we haven't listened to in a while. I have had several audiophile friends come over for auditions (folks with NHT XRS system, the new big JansZens, Vandy 2s and 3s) and to a person they cannot believe the level of detail, sound staging, spaciousness, and just overall great sound these speakers produce. And when I point out they go for $2K, their jaws really drop. I made one additional tweak to the system and got dedicated Skylan stands. The addition of the stands, and a bit less toe-in (as some Omega users have posted) seemed to really put everything in place.   The combination of these speakers and stands goes for less than $2,500, and I encourage anyone looking for new speakers in this price range to seriously consider the Omega's.

Are these the best thing since sliced bread? No, they do not do everything, nor would I expect them to, but I also have that same feeling for all other modestly priced speakers ($5K or less, can't believe I consider $5K as being modest).  But to my ears, these speakers are 95%+ of the way there. Is this a speaker I can and will live with happily ever after?  YES.  While I will still read all the high end mags, all the various audio websites, go to AXPONA, and regularly visit my local shops, I am done speaker shopping. Now I am just enjoying the music, which is really my ultimate goal.

Finally, I am still intrigued by all the Omega owners who rave about the combination of Omega speakers and SET amps. While my tube/SS hybrid integrated sounds great with these speakers, I am really curious about what improvement, if any, a low watt SET might provide.  Maybe that will be my next audio journey.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to Loius Chochos of Omega  and Noel Noland of Skylan.  Louis has been a real pleasure to interact with, his customer service is nothing short but outstanding, and the quality of his product is absolutely first rate.  In a similar light, I have the same high regard for Noland ad the Skylan stands.  Dealing with both gentlemen was an unexpected pleasure in this day and age.  Thank you both.  And thank you for your fantastic products (Louis, your speakers do live up to the accolades presented by others on the Omega User's Circle website).

Final score:  Omega Super Alnico Monitors + Sylan Stands = about $2,500.  The Harbeth 30.1 monitors I was going to get would have been $5,600 (new, around $4K used), plus about $400 for stands.  Total savings for me = about $3,500!!!!  Even if I get a new SET integrated amp, I am still looking at $2,000 or more left over from my budget for new music!  

Correction, I meant to say Ihor compared the Omega with the Harbeth and the Omega won.

taters, I had the P3ESR's.  I kept them for a year after I bought the Omegas.  I kept thinking the Omegas were a temporary infatuation and I'd move on, but they weren't.  That said, they aren't for everyone and the Harbeth and Omega sounds are quite different.
Can these play music with a bit more slam. Let's say rock or metal? Or are Omega's best suited for vocals, jazz?
The Super Alnico monitor can play anything and put out an amazing amount of great bass.....much more than you would ever expect.  I too have replaced Harbeths with Omegas and will never look back.  Louis is one of the very best to work with.  My next purchase will be an additional Omega speaker, but one with 2 Alnico drivers in the same cabinet.  Louis and I are talking about it now and he's in the process of finishing a pair for another customer.  I hope to hear this new speaker in the near future.

Sense63, good to know, always been intrigued by single drivers. Have to admitt Omegas are a good looking speaker. Heard they shine with lower powered tube amps. Anyone what are you using??