Omega 3xrs

  • I’m ready for an amp change I have used Primaluna prologue 2 , nait2 , exposure 2010s2 , Rega brio and creek audio. They are 94db sensitive, the room is very lively Listening area is 13x15 but room is made up of multiple open concept areas. Any Omega or Agoners familiar with the speakers have suggestions?
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It would be helpful if you provided more info about the reason for your amp change...
Just wanting to see if I can improve on the bass foundation. I love the sound just want to see if anything can take it to the next level.  The proverbial magical sound.
I have the Super 3i’s and found despite changing amps those 4.5" drivers can only do so much. After living with them for a year or so I had Louis build me a DeepHemp 8 Subwoofer. It was exactly what was needed in my 13’ x 18’ room. Everything improved. Don’t hesitate to give him a call. I’ve spoken with him several times and, like many others, found him to be friendly and very helpful. The guy is a gem.

edit .. I just saw your SET amp thread and thought I’d mention I use a Decware SE84UFO with my Omega’s.
Either go with the sub-woofer or go with a different Omega speaker.  I have both the Super 7MKII and the Compact Alnico and they go significantly lower.  The Super 3i's only went so low.    

I have both the Rega Brio and a Prima Luna PL5/ Musical Fidelity CD PRE 24 combination in rotation.  

Btw, don't discount the effects of COVID.  I have not listened to my stereos much over the last few months.  I believe it has to do with wearing headphones for most of the day for work.