Omaha NE

I am interested in starting an Audio club in Omaha, NE. Anyone else in the area please give me a shout.
Include me if there are any get together's!I have been in the Industry since World Radio days and still love it .. crazy!
I'm new to this game & would possibly interesed in starting a support group;-) The more I look, I see alot of sick people coming down with this very contagious disease!!! Is it curable? Anyway give me a shout not to much bass or whatever that frequency would be ;^)

Hope to from you soon!!!

If you get something going and need a hand let me know.

I was just hired by Reference AudioVideo in Coralville IA. to re-start their high end but I live in Des Moines.

I know there are a couple of industry legends living in Omaha so hopefully they see your post.