Omage Speakers.

Hi All,

Im looking at getting a pair of Omage Ovation OV50 floor speakers, priced used (apparently mint) at $225 CAD.

It is virtually impossible to find any info on Omage speakers in general, let a lone this specific model.

Has anyone heard of these and has anyone had any experience with Omage speakers in general?

I have a set of Omage speakers that I use for my home theatre setup. They are distributed by DaveCoHifi in . I don't have the model that you are interested in and some of the newer models do look nicer than the ones I have, but I havent heard them. The speakers I have are OK for hometheatre but they are nothing special, my Mirage OM-9 completely crush them. If they are anything similar to the Omage models I have then you would probably be better off with some floor standers at a big box store or picking up something used here on Agon. Hope this helps.
Bought some for a bar/restaurant and they sounded like crap!You couldn't make out voices well at all.You would be smart to shop elsewhere, I would say.