Olympus Audio Speaker Cables

Does anyone have any experience with these cables. If so what is your impression of them? How would you describe them characteristically?

I have 2 sets. Running them Bi-Wired. They sound as good as anything I have owned. I've had FMS, Kimber, Elco, Nordost and the Speltz cables. They sound better than all of these. They have a very airy top end and a smoothe midrange. The bass is phenomenal!! Very detailed. They are a bargain at there price. I have the top of the line Athena's. The only thing you need to beware of is the thickness and stiffness of these cables. They are huge and extremely good looking. I have no problems recommending these to you and Kirk is a great guy to deal with. They are a young company just starting out and you will be hearing mnore from them soon I'm sure!
I concur with Wizard. I have a pair of the Demeter's which I believe were a prototype for one of their newer offerings and they have just 'made' my system. It now sounds the way I had hoped it would all along. Great bottom end and luxurious midrange with very clear and airy highs. One thing I noticed is, I guess they call it linearity, no one frequency range overpowers any other. Very natural and dreamy sounding in my system. I liked them so well I have bought another set from a guy on Ebay, one of their previous offerings , the Chaconne Romanze I think. These cables are stiff and heavy....about 4-5 lbs each maybe...but very rugged and well built and very nice looking. I would definitely recommend them and would suggest looking on Ebay for a bargain price. The only thing I don't like about their product descriptions is that they don't really go into much detail on the materials and construction designs. Stuff like 'works well with all amps' and 'sounds good from the moment you plug them in' don't really cut it too well when you are asking those types of prices. They don't even say what gauge they are although if I had to guess it would be pretty beefy.