Olympic Tubes?

Hi All,

I found an Olympic console stereo in terribly battered condition. Looks to hve been outside for years and was frozen in place -- no hope of reconditioning it. But inside I found a handful of vacuum tubes:

1ea 12AX7 (Japan branded)
3ea 6BA6 (USA branded)

Tung Sol
1ea, hard to read but it's about the size of a 12AX/T7, and looks to have had a Q8 or Q6 on it. Everything wiped right off with a finger swipe. The interior is different than a 12At or 12AX, with three panels which are much shorter, and a thick "halo" over the plates that takes up the extra space.

Unknown maker
1ea 6BQ5, about the same size as an EL84 on the outside with the same large halo as above.

Can anyone put these to use? I plan on trying the 12AX7 in my pre, but we'll see.
I wouldn't try them unless you have them tested first,or you may be looking for repairs for your preamp.....