Olympic tube amps: 1Jadis 2 Audio Aero 3 Kora

The thread -tube amps with big balls- started on 9-28-00 by Mistalava generated great intertest for 18 months and has 90 posts. However no mentioned was made of the 3 french labs above. There are very few reviews by the "professional" audio critics , as well as few comments here on audiogon. Thus there is a sort of mystique about these captivating french beauties.(refer to Soundbugl's perceptive comments on tubes as feminine and ss as masculine 3-30-01). For me they border on the esoteric, maybe because, where do you go to listen? as well the price tag. So to those own or who have heard the 3, lets hear from you. Do all 3 get the gold?
Haven't heard the Kora, but the Jadis and the Audio Matiere/Audio Aero (pretty much the same design) are some of the finest sounding amps ever made, in my view. Definitely have their flaws, but they present music so naturally you don't mind. Check out the thread from a while back, "Jadis Fidelity" for the view from us Jadis faithful.
Reprince how do i bring up the thread "Jadis Faithful"? When i first stumbled upon this strange name "Jadis", i went straight to their web and was "BLOWN AWAY" withwhat i saw and read. No mention of their name in the "popular"audio mags. So is my hunch correct ,that Jadis is a bit esoteric,"us Jadis faithful". "They present music SO natural",this says it all for me.Is this just a passing infatuation for me? OK Tireguy, lets hear from you,as well as from Detlof ,Sedond, Blast away!.For Plato and Gasman ,is there something EXTRA-ordinary about Jadis or not? Convergent Audio Technology claims they engineer "THE BEST TUBE AMP. IN THE WORLD". But if the Jadis sounds almost as good and is ALOT less expensive then Jadis gets the medal.
Tweakerman, to find that thread just go to the bottom of the Audiophile forums page and put Jadis into the first box in the search engine, it shows up as one of the first 5 threads (Jadis Fidelity). The Jadis name is pretty well known in audiophile circles, but it is difficult to audition because the importer only has a few dealers, preferring to rely on audiophiles' word of mouth and Jadis' reputation. Audio Matiere and Audio Aero are less well-known, but their designer was with Jadis originally, and the Audio Aero Capitole CD player may help raise that company's visibility. They are special electronics, though certainly not everyone's cup of tea--for example, Plato has heard my system and has always noted (quite correctly) that the Jadis electronics do not have as much high frequency extension as he has heard from other top components and as he likes. I still feel they rule the midrange, though, down close to 40 hz, where they start to run out of the power and control you can get from other designs.
Reprince now i get the picture after reading Jadis Fedility. I mean like what can i say? I guess to each his own. With my own being JADIS. Can someone tell me about the 3 Jadis models of CDP(dac?) and the model selling for $3k how does it compare to Audio Aero Capitole for $6k? One last time. I find it incredible that in the thread "Tube amps. with big balls" no mention is made of the three french beauties!!!
On your last point, I don't think Jadis and Audio Matiere/Audio Aero are about power and cohones (although Jadis does have some very powerful amps), but rather are more about subtlety and refinement; that's why you don't see them in the "Tube Amps with Big Balls" thread.
Qualities such as subtlety and refinement are most important when listening to classical music. Thanks for your post, i can see now that no one amp does it all.