Olive remote


I emailed Olive, and they do include an infrared remote with their Musica and Opus CD music servers. But no pictures or mention on the website. Has anyone seen these remotes? Are they reasonably functional?

More important, has anyone used a Universal IR remote with either of these devices? Does the Musica emulate some common DVD player IR remote codes?


- Eric
Has no one seen this remote?
There is a (small) picture of the remote here (scroll to middle of page, click on pictures):


In case anyone else is wondering....
OK, in my call to Olive, I asked about using Universal remotes. The fellow said that they use RC-5 (the Phillips standard) for remotes. This is the same standard my Classe pre-amp uses -- which may be a bad thing, because I also read somewhere about a Krell user that complained that using the Olive remote messed with his integrated amp.

I read somewhere about someone having a problem using universal remotes and the Olive devices. The fellow I spoke with said that they currently don't support the use of any third-party remotes, but expect to add that support later in the year.

I have a JP1 remote (the ones you program via a special homebrew cable), and am pretty confident that I can program it to work correctly. The RC5 power-on sequence is tricky, but I got it to work for my Classe (with tech help from the remote manufacturer). The only question would be -- can I control one without controlling both?

Well, hopefully someone else wanted to know that!

- Eric
This from another member via email (thanks!):

"Hi, here's a copy of the users manual... pg. 7 has a pic. and description of the remote!