Olive Opus 4

Does anyone have any experience with this hard drive music server? It sounds very cool...but I have read very mixed reviews on its quality (noisy, querky, etc). Do you know of any similar hard disk music servers with on screen or video out management capabilities like the Olive?
The unit is excellent esp. the hd model.The sound out of the box is good,but much better with an external dac.The hd sources blow away ANY cd player and it keeps getting better.The power supply is a little cheesey and could use a mod but other than that , this unit is great sonically,to say nothing about the convenience of using s music srver
My Olive Opus 4 hard drive has failed; the unit will no longer boot.
Any advice on a replacement would appreciated; the company has seemingly washed its hands of its recent "legacy" device.
Check the AVS forums for Olive,plenty of guys use the Opus and are a wealth of information.