Olive Mods: Bolder Cable vs. Red Wine Audio

Has anyone compared Olive Musicas (or Symphany) that were modded by Bolder Cable & Red Wine Audio?

Both Wayne (Bolder) and Vinny (Red Wine) have great reputaions for thier equipment mods; and they both offer a mod package for the Olive units that are similarly priced.

The Red Wine Mod is converted to battery power. The Bolder mod has a more traditional approach.

I am looking to hear from anyone who has compared the modded units.

How do the Modded units sound, campared to the stock unit (for both digital and analog outputs)

How do the two modded units sound in comparrison to each other?

Any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is anyone using an external hard drive with the Olive units for added storage? If so, how is that working out?

I have a red wine modded symphony. I am using an external hard drive and running the olive out to my mark levinson 36s dac. I have to say that the dac on the olive sounds almost as good. Vinnie said that it should sound better after 200 hrs break in. I will try it again later on. I recorded my music using wave files on the external hard drive. The olive allows me to choose the artist, album and song but when it starts to play it just show unknown on the display. I heard that it works with flac files so i don't know if this is a problem with wave files.

Did you use the Olive unit before having the mods done by Red Wine?

If so, how did your Levinson DAC sound through the stock Olive? (in comparrison to the modded unit)

Are you using the external hard drive for expanded storage, or just as a back up drive?

I did not have a stock olive but purchased a modded unit from red wine. Red wine is a dealer for olive although they don't sell stock units. I am using the external hard drive to play all my music and i may use the internal hard drive to store music from my vinyl records.
Barrel Chief,

Just wanted you to know that with the latest software upgrade, you now have the option of storing music on a PC on your network, as well as on the Olive's internal and external drives.

- Eric