Olin and the Moon "Footsteps"

Wanted to share a terrific new band that I just found. The band is named Olin and the Moon and the album is titled "Footsteps". I saw them on an episode of One Tree Hill, (I know, but I love that show and have found quite a few new artists from appearances on that show).

These guys are just amazing. They have a unique blend of bluegrass, folk, country and rock that really works. Their lead singer has a fantastic voice and the musicianship of the players is marvelous. The harmonies are just right and the song writing is first rate.

The recording is a little tipped up and a tad bright, but overall not too bad. Plenty of depth and layering.

One of my new favorite bands and albums...
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They are playing a live show tonight on this site stageit.com. It's pay what you want so you can watch them free! It's at 9:30pm EST. Here's a link: