Olias of Sunhillo

I would like to get a cd copy of this Jon Anderson solo record. Does anyone know if it was ever released in cd form? I would also be willing to accept a burned copy from any of you. Thanks.
I own a CD version of Olias of Sunhillow, it was a pain to get it's a Japanese import and took ca three weeks to get. If I recall exactly I ordered it through CDnow.
Brings so many memories back......
I have no comparison with other versions or LP to give any comparison of how it sounds....
I have the CD and the LP. I haven't A+B'd them, but the LP is stunning. The gatefold artwork is beautiful as well. I would scan Ebay for either format. I second the cdnow recommendation, as I *do* remember that's where I obtained my copy a year or two ago.
Amazon.com has it new(european import) or used. Brings back good memories.
Thanks guys.
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