Fascinating; just purchased a new LP of Ravel's Bolero on the Tacet label.
Yes, spelt backwards, because the grooves start in the centre and work their way outwards.
It makes perfect sense. A great deal of classical music, like Bolero, starts quietly and finishes much louder - and the inner grooves are taxed greatly as we all know...
This is a wonderful rendition, with a great dynamic swing, and absolutely no listener angst as the spindle is approached. What a wonderful idea!
I saw this in the rack at one of our local record stores and thought about buying it. It does sound like smart engineering matched to the particular characteristics of Bolero's score. However, I have to ask myself, how many recordings of this do I really need? ( I probably have half a dozen already.) Tacet does have a number of other recordings in their "Tube Only" series that sound interesting and have received good reviews.
Backwards is "oreloB." I have the disc and it IS neat. Tacet doesn't say who did the disc-cutting or HOW it was done.