Oldies but Goodies?

As we all know there is always something new coming out.I believe some new digital items are better but not all.As audiophiles we sometimes chase are tails and end up right where we started.I have been experimenting with old and new digital components.And have found I like the combination of both.I hooked a Meridian 500 transport(8 yrs old) to my Quad 99 CD-P(5 months old).Using the Quad as a Upsampling Dac and preamp.I run this straight into a Music Reference RM9 MKII(6 yrs old).Needless to say the sound is magical.Who else has found a little magic mixing old and new components.And what is the combination?Thanks in advance!
I think the older transports are built much nicer than the new ones. I was checking out a new krell transport and the table was built like crap! cheap thin plastic like you see on the $99 wal-mart units. however it did sound pretty good considering it was $3500. I use a PS Audio Lamda II transport and it has the Phillips PD pro 9 table and it's not cheap plastic mostly alloy! I was talking to theta about transports and the person I was talking to said most of the transport mechisms are made over seas in bunches and it's been a problem for them, I dont know how much truth is in this but I would agree from what I've seen recently. Happy Listening
JSAW, Theta has had to cease making dedicated CD transports due to the discontinuation of the various OEM mechanisms they used over the years (my own Pearl transport uses the late lamented Pioneer Stable-Platter unit). Everything they make now is based upon DVD mechanisms, which they apparently feel are either better or more cost-effective than anything currently available to them in a straight CD-only configuration. (And even that Stable-Platter, beyond the alloy platter itself, is mostly plastic on the inside, albeit of a heavy and ribbed construction.)