Oldies but Goodies???

There have been a ton of old stereo tube amps on the Gon (5-10 years old). VTLs, VACs, CJs, BATs, ARCs, etc.

Can anyone tell me what the sonic characteristics of these lines are? For example, I had heard that the VTLs have great warmth but lack bass. The older CJs lack some detail but have decent bass and lush mids, etc.

I have been thinking about trying a tube amp for some time now but I am not sure if I want to spend too much, maybe up to the $2K (BAT VK-60 or ARC VT-100 MKII) or under $1200 (VTL, CJ) for some of the older model amps.


Thanks and Happy Listening.
fro analytical to lush..in this order..arc,bat,manley,vtl,vac,cary,mac,cj...all are great,and across their respective lines are better than most of the esoteric,comelately brands. bass control is another matter..mac,arc,cj.
p.s. music reference is extremely detailed and has great bass control....similar to the arc.