Oldie but goody. B&W DM302.

Which gear are you guys using with this tiny wonder?
Hello Jorge

My Dad is using a pair of DM302 speakers as part of a HT surround sound set-up. They are serving as the surround right and left channels. The DM302s are being powered by a Sony STR DG1000 Receiver. They sound fine.

When he wanted me to test them I had them powered by a very good condition Hafler DH-220 and they sounded good. Preamp was a Nikko Beta 30 at the time. The DM302 were good to me but I LOVED the B&W DM303s more. To me they sounded better overall.

What are you thinking about using with the DM302 speakers?
Hi Jedi. I've had these little guys for years, but have always used them on a secondary or back up system. I've been listening to them a lot more lately since i have moved. every time i listen to them, i am amazed by what the can do. at $250 (new), their sound is truly incredible. i actually almost believe that i enjoy them in my small system than my main system entirely. I was just curious what others were using and if they would share their opinions. by the way, my friend liked them so much that she went looking for them and found that they were replaced by the 303, which of course are even more amazing, as you have attested.

thanks, jedi.

I owned the DM110 since 1982, now residing as front L/R in my home theater systems, they are still excellent. B&W uses the neoprene surround for the drivers and they are so superior to the foam based, which will rot by now.