Older subwoofers better than newer subwoofers!

I was considering buying a new subwoofer to replace my Bowers and Wilkins ASW2000, which is a substantial subwoofer with a 12 inch driver.

I spoke to somebody at Bowers and Wilkins and a dealer and there are issues with newer subs where they are tighter but no longer have the ability to fill the room with a fullness that the older subs have. The feedback they receive from new buyers is that the very lowest frequency experience has been diminished with the newer subwoofers because they’re too tight. So if you replace your older subwoofers in a home theater environment you may be disappointed.

So I think I’ll keep my older subwoofer. Sadly people have no appreciation for these vintage subwoofer experiences since most of the current gear offered is built with dsp stuff, smaller drivers and poorly powered Active subwoofers. Further, because of the shortcomings buyers are forced to buy two to ensure a good room coverage. Sometimes progress isn’t what it pretends to be.


My above post was offered in the spirit of the op. I didn't want to bring into the discussion more modern subwoofer designs, such as those of Rythmik Audio.

Anyone interested in info on the variable-damping control (as well as other technical matters) found in the Rythmik plate amps of that company's subs can find it on the company's website.

The Rythmik Audio subwoofer plate amp controls (and subs!) are imo the best in the business. I own four of them.

Unsure about subwoofers, but subs at Firehouse Sub used to be a lot better.

When I watched Travelers Canadian Sci-Fi TV series, It was extremely notable to me that travelers from the far future were craving food from the past. 

I had a Velodyne that was at least 15 years old, it was great for surround sound with movies, but even though room filling, it didn't seem to do 2 channel very well. I turned the movie room into just a music room about 2 years ago and replaced the Velodyne late last year with a JL Audio with DSP. Now music sounds like music at the bottom end, I think the "room filling" I was experiencing with the Velodyne was really standing waves, or just rumble/bloat rather then real bass notes. It was mush at the bottom end, great for explosions/car crashes, not so much for music.

I would not go back to a 15 year old sub myself. The JL Audio sub itself is so well mixed in with my main speakers that you can't tell I have a sub. That was never true with the Velodyne. Just my experience with subs.



Yes, Hsu have something similar.  I kind of ignore it and use an external EQ which gives me a lot more flexibility and fine control.