older Stax headphones

I have a Stax SRD-6 amp and SR-5 headphones. These are from the early 1980's. They take a six pin "low bias" cable. I haven't been able to locate a headphone extension cable that has the six pin configuration, all the current Stax cables are five pin. Any ideas or suggestions? It would make listening so much easier if I could fine a two meter extension.
I'm not an engineer but I have been using Stax headphones since the 80's, so I'll try to answer your question. There are two types of Stax phones, Pro and Normal. I believe it has to do with the bias. The Normal phones use a 6-pin jack, and the Pro uses a 5-pin one. Many of the Stax headphone amps feature both outputs. I'm sure there must be a 6-pin extension cable out there somewhere. Maybe this post will help you find it. Otherwise, you may have to resort to a WTB (Wanted To Buy) ad. Also, you can try other websites or forums and ask the same question. Best of luck!
The STAX extension cables for normal bias headphones only came in long lengths (like 15 ft). They never made a two meter length that I know of.

I suggest you use longer speaker cables to the adapter, to move the adapter closer.

I have the STAX SR-X MKIII headphones, SRD-7 step up transformer, and long extension cable (custom ordered form Japan) in my collection.

The Stax extension cables are next to impossible to find.

     Thank you both. Looks like I'll have to take Don's advice and add longer speaker wire to the amp. Dennis.
I have an extra original Stax headphone extension cord for the six pin standard bias headphones, it is about 12-15 feet long.  Contact me, Josephjfg@aol.com