Older Sony Champagne ES CD players.....707, 777, 779 questions

In the early heyday of Sony’s cd players, they made some in what I believe was called a Champagne finish with wood sides. I believe they were something like the 707, 777 and 779 and an XA-Es or something attached. I had owned all three and thought at the time that the 779 was the better of the three. Anyone still using any of these older units?

693sony779.promo_.jpg (600×257) (stereophile.com)

I had mentioned in an earlier thread/post that I was going to do a 2nd system of "retro, what I used to own and liked" system....I guess like some guys with an old car, boat or mate....kind of nostalgia.

I have a fair idea of the amplification and speakers, but am not of one mind about the CD player as I had too many in the "early days" ....I’m starting to sound like Walter Brennan.

Perhaps I just need to buy and old Studebaker with a working AM radio and sit in the garage drinking Falstaff beer and listen to Gene Pitney and Del Shannon?

Order of quality in the 7 series
XA707es better componentry, more Pulse DACs and a digital filter capable of 20bit resolution (lacking in 779)
Construction wise the king.
XA7es (same as 707 but with a different drive mechanism)
X777es (best transport)

In the past i had the 707 & 7, would last forever.
Thanks for sharing.  
At same period CDP-R3 co-existed, launched in 1989 along with das-r1a and cdp-r1a. That was a Japan model and shared almost the same mechanism to r1a.