Older Sony Champagne ES CD players.....707, 777, 779 questions

In the early heyday of Sony’s cd players, they made some in what I believe was called a Champagne finish with wood sides. I believe they were something like the 707, 777 and 779 and an XA-Es or something attached. I had owned all three and thought at the time that the 779 was the better of the three. Anyone still using any of these older units?

693sony779.promo_.jpg (600×257) (stereophile.com)

I had mentioned in an earlier thread/post that I was going to do a 2nd system of "retro, what I used to own and liked" system....I guess like some guys with an old car, boat or mate....kind of nostalgia.

I have a fair idea of the amplification and speakers, but am not of one mind about the CD player as I had too many in the "early days" ....I’m starting to sound like Walter Brennan.

Perhaps I just need to buy and old Studebaker with a working AM radio and sit in the garage drinking Falstaff beer and listen to Gene Pitney and Del Shannon?

Order of quality in the 7 series
XA707es better componentry, more Pulse DACs and a digital filter capable of 20bit resolution (lacking in 779)
Construction wise the king.
XA7es (same as 707 but with a different drive mechanism)
X777es (best transport)

In the past i had the 707 & 7, would last forever.
At same period CDP-R3 co-existed, launched in 1989 along with das-r1a and cdp-r1a. That was a Japan model and shared almost the same mechanism to r1a. 
Yes, I have and continue to use the Sony X779es. Original owner.  Purchased circa 1991.


I don't use the 779 too often anymore...I ripped all my CDs to FLAC.  I still buy CDs (once every couple of months) and then RIP to FLAC...if I can't wait to hear the CD, I may put the disk into the Sony to play the disk...and then subsequently rip to FLAC.

The drawer is slow...I need to lubricate the tray gear...other than that....it plays very well.  In the near future I am looking at a DAC, and will probably use the 779 TOSLINK out to drive the DAC, along with my mac mini that will stream to the DAC.

I also have a Classic Sony CDP707 ESD
Still using since 1989.
My favorite features is program file and shuffle delete.
Using Kimber D60 data cable to Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC.