Older Shunyata power cables

I currently have 3 shunyata PCs all purchased in 2002
sidewinder to my pre (ML 326s)
taipan on amp (ML332)
Anaconda ( oppo 205 )

i am wondering, are these really outdated? I am thinking of at least replacing the sidewinder with a new Delta NR

The pre amp and OPPO are plugged in to a transparent power bank 8 and the amp goes straight to the wall with a shunyata defender plugged in to the other outlet.

Thanks in in advance for any advice.


I am using 4 Shunyata Copperhead cords and 3 Shunyata Diamondbacks in my 50K+ system and do not feel the need to upgrade.  My cords are from the same era as yours.
Thanks stereo5 
nice setup you have.
I am surprised at your level you haven't ar least taken one of the new ones home for a test spin. 
My other  thought is to hold off and start saving for a Denali to replace the power bank 8. 
@no_money ……………………………….

Thank you.  I am running 3 Shunyata Hydras in the main system and with the Shunyata power cords, I have an extremely  quiet system.   I have no desire to change.  The only thing I want is an Acrolink digital cable to go from my Esoteric player, to the built in dac on the McIntosh preamp.  I am using a inexpensive Wireworld starlight 7 (red one) on the connection.  I think the cable retailed for 80.00 but it does sound good.  I think the Acrolink will be better.
Have you tried the Anaconda on the amp with the Taipan on the Oppo and see if that sounds better. If you get the Delta try that on the Oppo 1st then the pre.
I believe its a matter of personality and personal taste.
Some of us get the upgrade itch and wonder what a new improved product will do. Like many other power cord manufacturers, not all of the newer power cords are necessarily an improvement, however, if you upgraded a power cord to a higher level it could create a quieter background allowing more details come through, or widen your soundstage. One never knows until they try, and if you are happy, save your money and enjoy the music.

Yes, I don't want to start down another path were a 1k upgrade turns in to 4 or 5k of upgrades. I might just try a loaner Venom PS8 with a Defender to see how that compares to the transparent power bank 8.

By the time I save up 4k for a Hydra, I think I would rather put that in a higher level digital source.