Older Moon W8 vs 860a

I am trying to get amp as an alternative amp to my SE833 monoblocks and do not want to spend too much. I like Moon, heard 860a at my home for couple of weeks and I realy liked it but it costs too much money. What dou you think about W8 which is 10 years old? Would the performance will be similar to 860a? Is there another adept in this price range? Gryphon integrated, Boulder 850 or etc? I have high sensitivity tannoy Westminster, very neutral source Pink faun and Mola Mola Tambaqui. thanks for your kind response.
Yes, they should be extremely close. I actually prefer the older W series Sim amps as the newer ones are a bit more tilted up in the treble area. They are a little more detailed but lose some of the sweetness the older amps have. Sim gear is often recommended for people that like the Tube sound due to their smooth presentation.  I have the W3 for reference.  Your speakers are pretty sensitive, I think you could go even smaller then the W8, consider the W3 and W5 as well if they are available. 

Thanks for your report. I will check in to smaller versions as well but Tannoy W. need more power then people think
They might be a little smaller but these are still beastly amps. Check out the W5 then, it’s a true dual mono design like the W8 and 860a.