Older HT receiver used vs. new HT receiver

I'm having a difficult time deciding whether to buy a HT receiver 2-3 years old which offers THX, DTS and Dolby Digital or a newer HT receiver that may have some of the newer surround formats like DTS-EX, Neo6, etc. I see receivers like the Marantz sr-18/19 (not EX), Denon 4800, or Yamaha DSP-A1 for sale in my price range and newer receivers like Denon 3803, NAD T752, or Marantz 7300 also in my price range. I currently have M&K 55's L,C,R,surrounds and a subwoofer with no immediate plans to add a sixth speaker in back. This may be a stupid question, but any help would be appreciated. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
i used to own a denon 3803 (long story) I was quite pleased with it.

i feel that the HT recievers advances are worth looking into, it all depends on if you want that extra 1 or 2 channels. some people sayd they diddnt care for the extra channels, but i sure liked em.

the Denon's NEO:6 and ProLogicII are great, they have Cinema and Music settings for each, and i was plesantly suprised with how good they sounded.

honestly, if you go with the denon, sport the cash and buy a new 3803, they have the 192/24 dual Dacs on all channels, they have the latest and greatest decoding.

i looked at the denon 4803 and 5803, more juice, couple other small extra features that most people might not use. I think the denon 3803 is the best product they make in thee way of HT, especially for the price.

if this is ONLY HT, then go for the denon, hands down. if you are gonna use it 50/50 music/ht, then go with the marantz, they sound just a little bit better with music.

my experience with the Yamaha recievers makes me kind of shy away from them. They are not BAD, but i liked the denon the best.
dunno bout the nad.

Happy fun!"
Another factor might be this so-called Copy Protected High
Definition feature. The studios don't want us recording the highest quality digital signals so they are incorporating a copy protection into the DVI stream that is not unlike Macrovision.

If you will be using High Definition and you are looking to buy something that will last a long time you need to consider this. Otherwise, go the cheaper route and buy in a little while when it all sorts itself out.