Older Higher End CDP's vs New cheapers ones.

I currently have a NAD541i which is about a year old. I was curious how a CAL or Copland CD player from about 98' would stack up against newer CD players from the likes of Cambridge, NAD, rotel...

I've seen a Copland ltd edition 266 with K-DACS and some older CAL stuff, would this stuff still hold its own against cheaper newer budget CD players of today?

How long have we come in the last 5-6 years? Enough to the point that a CD player for $500 would equal a CD player for $2k 6 years ago?
Don't know about your price points, but I can say that today's sub $200 player will most likely beat a $500 - 800 player from the late 1990's. If you extrapolate that out then you may be correct...