"Older" Harmonic Technology Pro-11 Plus compared to Grover Huffman SR speaker cable

I have read many positive testimonials about "older"  Harmonic Technology Pro and Pro REF series speaker cable.  I have a chance of buying a 10ft pair Pro11 Plus speaker cable .  The cable is 7 years old, and is one or step down from the Pro/Reference cable.  I have read that the Harmonic Technology company was sold to a larger Asian cable manufacturer, and the new cable is not comparable to the older product. 

My question is  Is Grover Huffman's SR speaker cable in the same league as HT Pro-11 Plus.  The GR is very good, but also a bit edgy sounding, especially when  the music gets loud.  I realize that could be other factors in my system to produce the edgy or bright sound. 

However, the GH's are hardly unbearable;, I might be just looking for a higher end cable. I don't mind cable that is older; The cable looks pristine..  The HT's for sale are longer with good connectors, unlike the Huffman cable which I bought without connectors and only bare cooper wire. I installed some odds and ends banana plugs that are not totally secure, and possibly degrade the sound a bit.   Any recommendations and comments welcomed.   Thank you!! 

Sunnyjim, the HT Pro 11 cables consist of 19 strands of 24 gauge solid core OCC copper filaments that are individually insulated with PE (IMO better sounding than teflon).  I find them to sound very good with a bold, musical presentation and excellent clarity.   You may find your music bolder than usual and with bigger sounding bass but they are very enjoyable.  I wouldn't get hung up on whether you have the Ref designation or not, although the Plus upgrade was desirable.  I have owned both and did not discern much difference between the Plus and the Reference (this was between Pro 9 plus and ref).  If you need to, they are easy to reterminate with something like the excellent Furutech FP-201G spades, which do not even require soldering or crimping (they use set screws.
Mitch,  Thank you for the information and endorsement of HT.  The  cables I am considering are the Pro11 +  which supposedly sound a tad better than the original Pro 11.   The Pro 9 or Pro 9 Ref  is out of my price range even "used"  despite the rave reviews.  The bananas on the Pro 11 + item are standard B plugs, but look clean.  However, need to get little better deal on Pro11+.from the seller......